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Business Analyst
QED42 Engineering Pvt Ltd
Technology, Training, Travelling

Rakhi Mandhania

An IT Engineer with willingness to learn fast and work smart. Fascinated by the power of OpenSource, I became a member of the community and started contributing. Under the guidance of Melissa Anderson(https://drupal.org/user/33570) and Dipen Chaudhary(https://drupal.org/user/100291), I even worked on the drupal.org D7 upgrade. In the past 12 months of my journey(starting as a Naive Drupaler), I learnt, fumbled, got back to track again and its been an enriching experience always. Looking forward to much more learning and contributing! Expertise: Communication and people skills, Leadership skills, Management, Data Analysis, Initiation motives, problem solving skills. In all my endeavors, I have managed to learn team building, team management, reaching out to people, being an initiator, being a quick learner and how to grow as a leader.

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