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> MP3 Download Why? Full Album

 MP3 Download Why? Full Album


[GENRE] Pop/Rock

[Artist]> Jacob Whitesides

[Bitrate]: MP3 320KBPS

Album Name:: Why?

01. Focus

02. Heartbeat

03. She Ain't Got a Thing

04. Jaded Love

05. Levitate

06. Bury Our Love

07. Hold on Honey

08. Love Slow

09. Why?

10. Lovesick

11. Black and Blue

12. You Told Me So

13. Open Book

14. Focus (Rufus Dipper Remix)

> MP3 Download Why? Full Album

> MP3 Download Why? Full Album



Why? is the new recording by Jacob Whitesides, set to be released in 2016. The tracks of the elite edition album is preceding, with many tracks, many showcasing other great artists along with the main artist. You can download the album for free on the site linked to in this post. Downloading is absolutely free, along with others albums available at the website net, check it out for other good downloads and album coolant leaks. This album has released about a week before it is release, downloadable in scoot and rar format, that contain the MP3 files on your enjoyment. Get the new Jacob Whitesides album, Why?, right now as a totally free music download, listen free-of-charge right now. You can unrar or perhaps unzip the file on your pc or device and enjoy the music on any system, be it your PC, Mac, mp3 player, iPhone, Android phone or whatever else. What are you waiting for? Click the button beneath!


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