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abhishek.kumar Abhishek Programmer with 6.6 years of overall experience in Design, Development and Implementation of various Internet/Web and Client/Server applications. In depth knowledge of PHP, LINUX, MYSQL, APACHE, HTML, jquery, XML, CSS, javascript, databases including PhpMyAdmin. Excellent analytical, written, communication skills, ability to work independently and highly motivated. Strong Work Ethics and an earned reputation for meeting deadlines and delivering for mission critical solutions.
ajits Ajit I am currently working as a Drupal Consultant, and enjoying every part of it. Drupal (and also other opensource projects in a broad sense) is all about the community. Apart from my job, I take part in local Drupal meetups / camps, contributing to Drupal forums (helping Drupal newbies) and contribute to opensource).
ashwini Ashwini I am Software Engineer, Open source contributor who focus on creative ways to build products that matter. Articulate and innovative, with a demonstrated capability to solve complex business problems. Passionate about Open source platforms that are transforming the way we live, work and function. Outside of my work circle, I am active Drupaler in Drupal Community who organize Drupal meetups, code sprint, Hackathons and Camps in Pune with other Community members. Along with other community members In Drupal I contribute here , Other than my computer magic I am also a Climber. In 2012-2013 I have covered lots of mountains in Sahyadri Mountain range in India. In 2014 I will be climbing Stok-Kangri Peak (elevation 6,153 m) in Himalaya, India.
deepak Deepak I am currently working as a Drupal Developer at QED42 and am glad a part of it.I mainly concentrate about the Open Source. Apart from my job, I take part in local Drupal meetups / camps, contributing to Drupal forums (helping Drupal newbies) and contribute to opensource.
dipen chaudhary Dipen
Nitesh Sethia Nitesh
piyuesh23 Piyuesh
nagwani Prafful He has over 5 years of experience in developing/managing websites based on Drupal with exposure to publishing domain and conference related sites. Key experiences include Project management, Drupal development. A self-motivated and adaptable individual eager to learn new products and technologies and apply that knowledge practically. When not working on a computer he likes watching movies, cricket and is into photography.
rahul.shinde Rahul Bubbling with new ideas, detail oriented, executioner, proactive, self-motivated and versatile individual who can quickly learn new technologies and apply that knowledge practically. Drupaler, who believes in community, which helps to be on top of the ladder :) . I proud to be a Drupaler. Over 4 years of experience in developing/maintaining websites using Drupal. As a community member, with other member I also contribute ( Key experiences are : Drupal development, Mentoring, setting up environments using Application Servers, Web Servers and Database Servers on Windows and Linux Platform. Specialties: Open source, Drupal, Web Development, Software Development, Git, Team Building, Training.
Rakesh Falke Rakesh Over 7+ yrs of rich web development experience in PHP framework.Like symfony, cakephp, zend, codeigniter and doctrine ORM framework.Over 4+ years of experience in developing websites using Drupal.Expertise in module development, drupal themes, apache solr drupal, Hands-on experience in designing and developing websites which support multi browsers, multiple devices and multiple languages, Designed, Developed & Maintained of Larger Drupal websites, Experience in creating, tuning and maintaining high traffic and high performance sites, Experience in employing CDN, caching etc, Experience in sizing infrastructures for given non-functional requirement.
rakhimandhania Rakhi An IT Engineer with willingness to learn fast and work smart. Fascinated by the power of OpenSource, I became a member of the community and started contributing. Under the guidance of Melissa Anderson( and Dipen Chaudhary(, I even worked on the D7 upgrade. In the past 12 months of my journey(starting as a Naive Drupaler), I learnt, fumbled, got back to track again and its been an enriching experience always. Looking forward to much more learning and contributing! Expertise: Communication and people skills, Leadership skills, Management, Data Analysis, Initiation motives, problem solving skills. In all my endeavors, I have managed to learn team building, team management, reaching out to people, being an initiator, being a quick learner and how to grow as a leader.
ravyg Raviish I think of: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics. Sometimes I know about: Drupal, PHP. I love: Art, Sketching, Music and Voyages! I am passionate about: FOSS, Free Education. Find me as "ravyg", "raviish" on google Or
saki007ster saket